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At Eco Savera, we believe a cleaner future starts with collective action. We invite passionate individuals and organizations to join our mission of revolutionizing city waste management in Faridabad. Here are the ways you can be a part of the change:

Become a Member:

Share your time and skills to make a real difference. We have opportunities for members and volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to assist with various initiatives, such as:

  • Waste collection drives

  • Educational workshops

  • Community outreach programs

  • Data collection and analysis


Your financial contribution allows us to continue our impactful projects and empower communities to adopt responsible waste management practices. Every donation, big or small, makes a significant difference.

Spread Awareness

Educate others about the importance of waste management and the challenges of single-use plastic. Talk to your family, friends, and neighbors about responsible waste disposal practices. Share Eco Savera's message on social media tagging Ecosavera to raise awareness in your network.

Become a Partner

Organizations and businesses can collaborate with Eco Savera in various ways, including:

Implementing sustainable waste management practices within your workplace.

Sponsoring our projects and initiatives.

Providing expertise and resources to support our mission.

Organizing joint awareness campaigns.

Providing expertise and resources to support our mission.

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