Transforming Waste
into a Resource.
Building a Sustainable Community.

By the numbers
A snapshot of Ecosavera reach and impact

Segregation Achieved in Indraprastha Colony, Faridabad.


People Reached Through awareness campaigns and workshops.


Wards Achieved 100% waste collection.

Our Approach
Building a common platform for individuals, organizations, and authorities.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Return to Soil for a sustainable future.
Educating and enabling residents to adopt responsible waste management practices.

Single-Use Plastic Challenge

Plastic pollution is choking our environment and harming our health. From overflowing landfills to polluted water bodies, single-use plastic poses a significant threat. Let’s overcome this challenge together! Be the Change. Say No to Single-Use Plastic.

Our Mool Mantra: Segregation at Source is Key

Eco Savera’s mission is to empower Faridabad towards a cleaner and healthier future. Segregation of waste at the household level is the foundation for effective waste management. By segregating waste into dry, wet, and sanitary streams, we can ensure proper disposal, recycling, and composting.


Realizing the vision of universal health coverage

Global Reach
May 11, 2024
Global Reach
We serve over 100 countries with a full suite of resources from financing to technical and sales support.

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